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After-sales service
Our after-sales service staff is ready and waiting for after-sale service and maintenance applications from 8:00am-6:00pm every weekday (excluding holidays). If you have any problems, please contact us at +86-534-7058168
Our maintenance staff will provide you with answers to any questions and if need be, we can send our professionals to perform on-site maintenance.

Warranty period
Our weight equipment is covered under a 10 year warranty for all pulley, guide rod, and weight stack components. There is a 1 year warranty period for other accessories.

The main frame of our cardio equipment is covered under a 10 year warranty, the motor is covered for 3 years, and all other components and accessories fall under a 1 year warranty.

The effective date of warranty period is determined by the latest date of the following three documents:
1. Issue date of sales invoice
2. Sales date recorded in the sales agreement
3. The date of installation acceptance confirmed by the after-sales service staff (installer needs to inform our after-sales service staff for on-site confirmation. Confirmation will be declined for overdue notifications. )

The effective date of warranty period is determined by the delivery time of the dealer or factory in the case of failure to provide the above documents.

First, we will provide free maintenance and after-sales service for any equipment failure during the warranty period. Our after-sales service staff will take timely measurements and arrive at the site within 72 hours (for far away locations, the specific time limit will be agreed upon by both sides).

Second, we provide free training for 2-3 engineers and operators. Through training, the operator will be able to operate the equipment properly, analyze the machines for cause of failure, and take emergency measures.

Third, our equipment is installed with genuine accessories, and we supply spare parts to customers to facilitate the proper replacement of worn parts.

After the installation, the sales staff and the installation dealer are required to fill in the installation warranty confirmation, and submit it to the customer for further confirmation. Within 2 days after the completion of installation, the acceptance report together with the installation warranty confirmation is sent to the after-sales service sector of the company. The terms shall go into effect after the company receives and confirms the documents.

Paid maintenance
1. The product failure should be promptly reported to the company. While accepting paid maintenance, users will pay for maintenance and repair.
2. When customers apply for paid maintenance, they shall provide the necessary maintenance space, tools and equipment in advance for our maintenance personnel.
3. When the equipment cannot be repaired on-site, customers shall allow Tianzhan's after-sales service staff to move the product to a suitable location for maintenance.
4. Customer is authorized to request the company to release a maintenance report of the equipment.

Payment of paid maintenance
Paid maintenance costs are generally needed to be paid in ready cash immediately after the completion of maintenance. According to the actual situation, both sides can sign the additional contract.

Termination of paid maintenance
The responsibility of the paid maintenance will be terminated in the case of the following circumstances.
• Breach of contract
• Loss of the ability to maintain due to force majeure. According to the actual situation both parties can sign an additional contract.